Technical Consulting

Dealey's Mold Engineering, Inc. provides clients with cost-effective solutions related to plastics injection-molding design, tooling and processing related problems. Extensive expertise and 25 years experience in high speed, high volume, runnerless, collapsible core, unscrewing, slide action and thin wall applications.

Extensive understanding of troubleshooting techniques, coupled with 30 years mold design and building experience, enable problems to be quickly identified, options determined and correction plans to be implemented.

The down sizing and multi-tasking of technical employees can put huge demands on the existing plastics staff and opportunities for improvement drastically suffer. Frequently, outside technical services will provide more and better options to enhance technical operations and resolve bottlenecks.

Bringing new insights and analytical experience, while interfacing with staff, will result in the identification and elimination of problems as well as uncovering new opportunities to enhance productivity.

Dealey's Mold Engineering, Inc., provides a full range of technical services to provide solutions to design, mold or processing plastic related problems, in the most cost effective and timely manner.

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